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AGE ???|???
HOMETOWN Radiant Garden
OCCUPATION Unemployed like the trash he is.
OTHERS He is a giant child.


The Flurry of Dancing Flames is what he's called, so you can bet he's on fire. Axel can be the most loyal person on your side if you can get him on your side. He's probably flipped sides more often than most coins do, and generally its for the gain of a friend. That's at least positive right?

Axel is number 8 in the line of Organization XIII and was originally tasked with assisting Roxas adjust to his new place among the Organization. Quite an easy task to do, since Roxas was generally more friendly than most, though still a jackass for the most part. But the fact was he was good at what he did and he would be the perfect person to teach Roxas the ropes.

Which he found he was fond of the emotionless shell that was supposed to be number 13. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but soon Roxas was starting to warm up to him though the power of poorly conceived ice cream treats.

While he grew attached to Roxas, he was in the position of trump card with the civil warring factions of the Organization. He was a double then triple then probably quadruple agent if anyone was keeping up how many times he flipped around but eventually stood by Saix, his old friend from his previous human life.

Except he felt a tad bit replaced by the coming of Xion, a new member of the Organization, which was odd considering she was 14th member. But he warmed to her, and soon became an encouraging figure to the two younger members, providing them with brotherly advice and guidance based on his own memories.

When protecting Xion from the Organization though, he was faced by Saix in regards to this closeness, this annoying emotion that was drawing him away from Saix, which lets be honest, Saix isn't exactly the shining example of 'good friend'.

Which brings us to the point where Axel had a brief betrayal moment between himself and Roxas. Lying about Xion's defection almost broke the friendship but the three resolidified stronger than before. Not for long though, as Roxas is betrayed again by Axel's attempts to protect both him and Xion from what they are.

But selfish people who want to do selfish things like be selfless heroes often ended on bad notes. Axel attempted to save Xion from herself, but collapsed from exhaustion, only find out later that Roxas and Xion fought... not that it was too long until he didn't remember Xion at all.

Which led Axel to trying to convince Roxas of who he was when seeing him again, to draw him back only it didnt work. Because the power of friendship isn't a thing, but the power of self sacrifice for the greater good. Axel is forced to face Sora, now with Roxas inside of him and oh man, wasn't that just a zinger...

  • FIRE Well, lets be honest, he's a flaming asshole. He uses fire magics. A lot of fire magics. He probably used to light things as fire before he was a nobody like a damn arsonist. He can't help it. He's hot.
  • CHAKRAM More speicifically, fire chakram. But he's good with the actual weapons too, being able to utilize two and doing quite well in sending them flying into enemies.
  • MANIPULATION He will not be on your Christmas card list after he's done talking to you, but maybe if Jack Skellington is the one writing the cards, he'll still get a gift.
  • ROXAS Lets be honest.
  • SENTIMENT Axel will claim to not have a heart but his interactions with aforementioned weakness has graced him with sentimentality. The idea of possibly seing Roxas again has stayed his hand from completing his job of turning Sora into a heartless and the fact that Sora DID take Roxas away has left him with a permanent irritation with the boy. Particularly when he spouts about the power of friendship when its Sora's fault Axel literally has no one left...
  • ARROGANCE Axel would be infinately more successful if he didn't think he was infinitely successful. He knows his skills too much and is too proud of them to see mistakes in what he does. Perhaps one day something will knock him into a stronger sense of self reality but for now he knows he's good at what he does and knows that he will inevitably succeed. Except for that one time. With Roxas.
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Disclaimer - Kingdom Hearts sucks.
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